All the Trimmings

08 December 2015 | Schwartz
– All the Trimmings! –
"Everything side dish related covered, in time for a spectacular Christmas meal"

Little Extras to Make Your Christmas Dinner the Best Ever

Your perfect Christmas meal is incomplete without all of those delicious trimmings, so if you’re wishing you had elves to assist with your Christmas culinary adventures, then your wish is our command! We’ve put together ideas for all your favourites, with fresh twists and tips to help you create those scrumptious festive memories. While the turkey is roasting away in the oven there’s plenty of time to put together those mouth-watering side dishes, especially flavoured the Schwartz way.

Allow your roast potatoes to take pride of place beside the roast turkey this Christmas, and truly shine! For perfect results par boil your potatoes and roast in goose fat for extra crispy, golden-skin. A sprinkle of our cayenne chilli pepper also adds a spicy note of mystery to these much loved spuds.

As for the Christmas veggies - we’ve given them our star treatment, with a sprinkle of herbs and a shake of spice. Our festive-inspired red cabbage recipe, with a Christmas twist with additions of juicy sultanas and apples, spiced-up with the festive flavours of nutmeg, mixed spice and a dash of black pepper. For spicy-sweetness you could even include a drizzle of honey and a touch of smoked paprika. Melt in the mouth, buttery parsnips with your roast turkey is also a must, so lightly spice your parsnips with cinnamon, black pepper and roast with butter and brown sugar. Add a hint of cayenne for extra spark to spread the festive joy.

We’re on hand to help as you make a dash for a gravy that will float everyone’s boat. For extra delicious gravy, blend the flavour-packed reserved turkey juices into our classic roast turkey gravy mix, made with carefully selected herbs and spices, so simple and fuss-free. The quintessentially Christmas cranberry sauce can easily be made ahead of time. Pop cranberries into a pan with sugar, ginger, cinnamon, ground cloves and watch the magic unfold! A perfect pairing to your Christmas roast. Finally, don’t let your bread sauce become a rushed afterthought. We’ve made things magical with our luxury bread sauce mix. Simply add milk.

If you can’t wait to tuck-in before the turkey is carved, satisfy your cravings with our favourite festive mini-heroes; pigs in blankets, dipped in a deliciously spiced sauce. Just blend some French mustard into your mayonnaise with a smattering of our Herbs de Provence and a touch of warming crushed chilli for a moreish combination. Or, add some Asian flavour to Christmas with our Thai prawn cocktail recipe, a spicy-sweet dish guaranteed to be crowd pleaser! Just dress cooked prawns in zesty lime, garlic, ground coriander, ginger and crushed chilli, then cool things down with cucumber and sweet honeydew melon. There you have it! Everything side dish related covered, in time for a spectacular Christmas meal.