Exciting Spring flavours from Schwartz herbs & spices

Add these delicious Schwartz herbs & spices to create a fresh spring time meal that is packed full of flavours.

Schwartz recipe mixes for 15 minute meals

Create seasonal spring recipes with a little help from Schwartz, using our rich in flavour sauce mixes to save you cooking time.

Try these spring recipes using Schwartz herbs & spices

Create seasonal recipes with a little help from Schwartz. For rapid satisfaction try some of our 15 minute recipes or for deeper flavours give our other spring menu ideas a go.

Leftover pulled lamb flatbreads

A great way to use up leftover lamb is in these fragrant and aromatic lamb flatbreads, served wit...

Mediterranean Vegetable Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a traditional dish of poached eggs in a rich tomato and vegetable sauce with fresh p...

Lentil Bolognese

A healthy vegetarian spin on the classic Spaghetti Bolognese. Still just as hearty and delicious.

Potato & Ham Gratin

Potato & Ham Gratin that can be served as a side dish or is delicious enough to eat all on it’s own!

Vegan Daal

Vegan Daal

Cod with Herb Butter Sauce & Spring Vegetables

A light and delicious cod dish with spring vegetables and a herby white wine and butter sauce.

Full of Flavour Spring Recipes

These spring recipes use the freshest seasonal ingredients and exciting flavours to give spring a flavourful zing!

Spring is bursting into life with fresh, colourful produce and warmer, longer days allowing us to eat outside and make the most of our seasonal ingredients after the long cold winter.